Power distribution analysis and optimization - Electric grid reliability and performance

Synergi Electric - Electric grid reliability and performance
Synergi Electric software models and analyses power distribution systems in a real world spatial environment in full detail from the substation to the customer. Synergi provides power engineers the flexibility to model their systems over a 10-year period down to the second on radial, looped and mesh network systems on multiple voltages and configurations.


What you get

  • Data integration tools to import data from geospatial information systems, customer meter data and SCADA
  • Circuit analysis with robust and technologically-advanced tools
  • Safeguarding of your system through enhanced network performance, extended asset life and increased profitability


Power system planning, reliability - Power companies face an ongoing struggle to maintain safe, reliable and profitable operations among increasing consumer demand and regulatory oversight. Power system planning, protection and reliability are critical to utility survival.


Advanced solutions - DNV GL offers a comprehensive collection of power system analysis tools to support your operational needs, including custom applications built on our COM Solver API, Python scripting and product integration services with enterprise systems and processes.


Advanced solutions include

  • Distributed generation and PV modelling
  • Modelling storage and battery control schemes
  • Transformer load management
  • Weather modelling and 8760 analysis
  • AMR/AMI integration
  • Motors and flicker analysis
  • Fault location and fault sequence analysis
  • Secondary meshed grid network analysis Arc flash hazard analysis
  • Volt/VAR optimization
  • Power quality and harmonic analysis
  • Optimal switching and contingenc

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