Plant integrity, inspections and maintenance - Synergi Plant software enables you to control asset integrity risk by optimizing inspections, monitoring and maintenance. Synergi Plant organizes data and integrity management functionalities to provide you with the information and processes you need. 


Synergi Plant - Next generation plant integrity software solution

What you get 

  • Software used worldwide by customers operating upstream and downstream process plants and offshore platforms 
  • A complete plan-do-check-act (PDCA) approach with RBI, RCM and integrity assessment modules 
  • Monitor and justify your integrity management investment with the dynamic dashboard
  • Enables improved asset integrity and reduced costs
  • Enterprise level asset integrity management platform to establish company standards
  • Includes an interface to link with ERP/CMMS systems such as SAP PM/QM or Maximo 


Software for asset integrity management - With increasing complexity of production processes, various asset types, ageing issues, organizational changes, and a trend toward IT outsourcing, it is crucial to find a software solution that meets your needs. The complete plan-do-check-act engineering cycle gives you a clear and manageable way to improve asset integrity. It helps people at all levels, including managers, integrity teams and inspection planners, risk analysts, offshore corrosion and damage analysis specialists, inspectors, contractors and IT.


Synergi Plant modules 

  • Dynamic dashboard and KPI
  • Facility data management
  • Various qualitative and quantitative risk-based inspection (RBI) modules 
  • Inspection work planning, execution, result recording and approval 
  • Finding, recommendation, anomaly and follow-up action management
  • Critical safety system risk assessment 
  • Maintenance work and reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) 
  • Integration with SAP, MAXIMO, and other systems 
  • Administration, configuration and data loading tools

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