Phast Basic
Course code: SA-01
Duration: 2 days
Safeti Basic
Course code: SA-02
Duration 5 days
Phast Advanced
Course code : SA-03/05
Duration : 3 days
Training Phast Basic

Phast Basic Training.


Course code: SA-01

Duration: 2 days




The course is suitable for new users and for more experienced users who have not attended a formal training course or would like a refresher course. A basic understanding of hazard analysis and the concept of consequence modelling is required, as is some experience of the process industry.



The course introduces the concepts and models within Phast. It will cover all areas of consequence modelling within the software, including discharge, dispersion, pool formation and evaporation, fires, explosions and toxic effects. You will be required to practice and apply your new knowledge of the software through extensive hands-on workshops.


Learning objective

Upon completion of this course, you will understand and be able to use the theoretical and practical aspects of Phast. You will be able to create a range of scenarios from scratch, modelling the effects of releases of hazardous material from initial discharge through dispersion to final flammable and toxic effects. You will also be able to review and understand results and view these in tabular and graphical form and on maps in order to assess the effects of hazardous events and mitigate their consequences.


Target group

Users who need to carry out consequence modelling calculations in the process industries including safety analysts, operators, process design engineers, regulators and legislators, insurance companies, engineering contractors and consultants, or users who need to understand the output of a consequence analysis performed with Phast.

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