Phast Advanced Training
Course code : SA-03/05
Duration 3 days
3D Explosions extension Training
Course code: SA-16
Duration 1 day
Course Outline For Training
Course outline for Phast Advanced and 3D Explosion
Phast Training Phast Advanced Training

Phast Advanced Modelling Training. 


Course code: SA-03/05

Duration: 3 days



This course is suitable for users familiar with the software and who have either attended SA-01 Phast training or are experienced users of the software. A good understanding of the concepts of quantitative risk assessment, consequence, dispersion and effects modelling is required, as is some experience of using this technology in the process industry.



The course covers the individual advanced Phast modules SA-03 through SA-05, which can be delivered as an integrated three-day course. The course may also be customized according to the needs of the participant and can include consulting services, e.g. for resolving specific scenarios.


Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will understand the theoretical and practical aspects of the full range of modelling capabilities available in Phast. For each area of modelling covered, you will learn about the capabilities and limitations of each model along with a detailed description of the controlling parameters. The model groups are broadly categorized as discharge, dispersion, and flammable effects.


Target group

Users who need to carry out detailed consequence or risk analysis in the process industries using Phast, and need to have a good understanding of the complex modelling technology available within the software. Participants are likely to be from regulatory authorities, insurance industry, or engineering contractors and consultants.

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