Chemical process software and petrochemical plant process solutions Taro - Taro is Chemical process software for comprehensive plant-wide lifecycle performance analysis of downstream oil and gas facilities


Chemical process software for plant-wide lifecycle performance analysis

With Taro chemical process software you can model complex downstream oil and gas process plant systems and make optimal decisions on design, operation and maintenance based on a quantitative performance analysis. Raw plant data such as mass balance, design configuration and reliability data can be integrated into a digital twin of the plant, ensuring that your refinery design and/or petrochemical plant process is better represented, leading to a more accurate performance prediction. Finally, each parameters can be changed in 'what-if' scenarios that assist on assessing the impact of optimizations of key performance drivers.


Petrochemical plant process solutions with Taro

What you get with Taro chemical process software:

  • Proven track record: Taro has been used for analysing designs of numerous refineries, petrochemical plants and associated supply chain logistics
  • Ability to handle multiple feedstock and product streams along with complex buffer and operational strategies
  • Great flexibility for handling complex configurations and situations outside the normal scope of system design
  • Focus less on input operations and more on using results to improve performance
  • Intuitive management of the system under analysis
  • Reports are easy to understand


Applied process design for chemical and petrochemical plants

Owners and operators in the downstream oil and gas industry need to make decisions on applied process design for chemical and petrochemical plants and the design, operation and  maintenance of their plants based on the most accurate information available. Taro chemical process software supports this decision-making process through RAM (reliability, availability, maintainability) analysis. With Taro you can evaluate the performance of a single unit or include all the complexity and interdependency of petrochemical refineries, petrochemical complexes, oil and gas distribution networks, utility plants and the full supply chain, including product transportation (shipping, rail, road, pipelines) and tank farms.


With Taro software you can : 

  • Optimize configuration with applied process design for chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Assess maintenance strategies for downstream oil and gas facilities
  • Evaluate operational flexibility of refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Build a business plan with sales strategy based on accurately simulated performance figures
  • Evaluate the influence of key parameters critical to success
  • Understand the financial impact of decision and the return on investment (ROI) of each option
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