Process Safety

Plant integrity management software - Synergi Plant software for plant integrity management offers a complete plan-do-check-act approach for managing risk quantitatively or qualitatively and has been used by customers operating upstream and downstream process plants and offshore platforms in more than 20 countries.

Kameleon FireEx - KFX - Kameleon FireEx is a leading computational fluid dynamics simulator, a fire simulation software solution.The CFD tools provide advanced solutions to industrial problems related to dispersion of hazardous matter, fire and explosion safety.



Process hazard analysis software Phast - Phast is the most comprehensive process hazard analysis software system for process safety management in all stages of design and operationHazard analysis software tool for all stages of design and operation 

Quantitative risk analysis software - Safeti - QRA software package that has become the industry standard for quantitative risk analysis for onshore process, chemical and petrochemical facilities and pipelines


Offshore QRA - Safeti Offshore - A formal, structured and systematic approach for conducting an offshore QRA analysis. Safeti Offshore's risk analysis capabilities incorporate state-of-the-art dispersion, fire and explosion models, providing a direct and cost-efficient way to assess the risks associated with offshore installations.

QRA results - Dynamic viewer for offshore quantitative risk analysis - Safeti Offshore Viewer - Access offshore QRA results from Safeti Offshore in a simple, easy, engaging and intuitive manner

Chemical process software and petrochemical plant process solutions Taro - Taro is Chemical process software for comprehensive plant-wide lifecycle performance analysis of downstream oil and gas facilities

RAM analysis software for upstream oil and gas Maros - Maros is Advanced RAM analysis software specifically developed for performance forecasting in the upstream oil and gas industry