RAM analysis - Maros is an advanced RAM (reliability, availability, maintainability) tool specifically developed for the upstream oil and gas industry. It includes extensive features for modelling flow networks, maintenance strategies, typical upstream oil and gas operations, transport logistics and storage tanks. 


What you get

Powerful RAM tool for predicting asset performance in the upstream oil and gas industry

Discrete event-driven simulation Extensive flow modelling capability including divergent and convergent flow

Highly intuitive graphical user interface

Track record of 30 years of development

World standard tool for key players in the oil and gas market


Optimize production efficiency - Optimizing production and minimizing costs is a constant challenge. Key players in the oil and gas industry rely on Maros to make informed decisions about their assets. Our development team has a history of over 30 years of working closely with super users. If you are facing a modelling challenge, most likely we have faced it and solved it.


Benefits of Maros software

  • Measure production availability/efficiency
  • Decision-making on actual productivity and financial figures
  • Design optimization Assessment of different maintenance strategies
  • Understand the impact of failures to the overall production network
  • Increase production efficiency, reduce operational expenditure, optimize capital expenditure


Maros can be applied throughout the whole project asset lifecycle.

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